Sunday, January 3, 2010


I know it has been said a lot, but it is impossible to go into Target and come out with only the things you need. In college my roomate Lauren and I would go on random weekdays and just peruse the aisles in search of needless things. One random Saturday I went with Karin, and found Ferris Buellers Day Off, a great CD, a Doors shirt, and some wine- great day! It is just the best place in the world.

I went today with some returns and a small list of items to buy. I left $100 poorer, mainly becuase of impulse buys. Guess what the item de jour was this time.... soup. I left with 12 cups of soup. Awesome. I love soup. I am pumped!

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  1. It is impossible. I did that the other day. Went to Target for vitamins (I'm getting old, I need to start taking them regularly, haha) and I left with a robe, workout clothes and a cute shirt.