Tuesday, January 26, 2010

P 90- Ow and Birthday fun

So Steven and I began P90X last week. Dude, DUDE- seriously. I am so proud of myself that I am participating in this insanity (thank God for Steven though- there is no way I would be able to make myself everyday if he didn't come over) I didn't know that I even had some of the mucsles that now throb as I awake each morning. Steven says it is a "good hurt". I beg to differ b/c to me pain is pain. However, I will be grateful if I look ripped (for me) and awesome by summer.
I guess I should get used to the aches and pains since I am now officially in my mid-twenties (GASP). I had a great b-day weekend starting with a happy hour/night out with school/work friends on Friday. One work friend had such a good time that she may or may not have cast a Harry Potter spell with a straw towards the end of the night. The night was capped off by an appearance of the awesome, suit-matching trio out for the night after neurosurgery interviews. They were GREAT- especially the convo and the beer spilling. Good times. My actual b-day started off with some night recaps, a diet coke, and a doctors visit. I got a shot in the bum, some antibiotics, and vicodin? I mean I had some pain (i.e., had to push in on my throat, grimmace, and give swallowing 2-3 tries when eating) but I hardly think that I need a strong narcotic- thanks though!
The night ended with a delightful date to a hibachi place ( I had never been- AWESOME and DELICIOUS!!!!!) some frozen yogurt, more drinkies, and a little salsa dancing. Steven rocked it!

All in all 25 is off to a great, albiet sore, start. Bring it 25, Bring it!

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