Tuesday, January 26, 2010

P 90- Ow and Birthday fun

So Steven and I began P90X last week. Dude, DUDE- seriously. I am so proud of myself that I am participating in this insanity (thank God for Steven though- there is no way I would be able to make myself everyday if he didn't come over) I didn't know that I even had some of the mucsles that now throb as I awake each morning. Steven says it is a "good hurt". I beg to differ b/c to me pain is pain. However, I will be grateful if I look ripped (for me) and awesome by summer.
I guess I should get used to the aches and pains since I am now officially in my mid-twenties (GASP). I had a great b-day weekend starting with a happy hour/night out with school/work friends on Friday. One work friend had such a good time that she may or may not have cast a Harry Potter spell with a straw towards the end of the night. The night was capped off by an appearance of the awesome, suit-matching trio out for the night after neurosurgery interviews. They were GREAT- especially the convo and the beer spilling. Good times. My actual b-day started off with some night recaps, a diet coke, and a doctors visit. I got a shot in the bum, some antibiotics, and vicodin? I mean I had some pain (i.e., had to push in on my throat, grimmace, and give swallowing 2-3 tries when eating) but I hardly think that I need a strong narcotic- thanks though!
The night ended with a delightful date to a hibachi place ( I had never been- AWESOME and DELICIOUS!!!!!) some frozen yogurt, more drinkies, and a little salsa dancing. Steven rocked it!

All in all 25 is off to a great, albiet sore, start. Bring it 25, Bring it!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


There is just something about Tuesdays that make them long. I am not sure what it is.

Today at work my interpreter and I felt sluggish and decided to change around the furniture in my classroom. I don't know how- I have never been that into feng shui, but that afternoon we were both feeling much better- sans-caffeine. Now it just needs some more color...

We blamed the room on our sleepiness but I have been having trouble sleeping lately. My dear friend Sarah decided to tell me about a movie that she saw and how much it freaked her out. She told me a few details and now, even though I haven't seen it, I feel freaked out and unable to drift into dreamland in a reasonable timely fashion. The really crazy part is, she told me about this movie about a month ago and it is just now really getting to me. Of course, it makes it more difficult that Steven is on a road trip. I hope it gets better when he gets back.

In other news- I am almost done organizing the desk area in my apartment. Exciting stuff. That kind of stuff usually takes me forever (not that it hasn't) Going to The Container Store yesterday probably helped. I love that place too. So clean, so full of promise for an organized life. I was inspired by the new year to organize and got on Real Simple.com to look up organizing ideas. While I was on there I was also inspired by some of the room ideas- and then started to look up furniture, new bedding, lamps, and you guessed it......chairs. I have found a few, but am unsure as to which one I should begin saving for. Even though the chair is a highly coveted purchase for this year, I am "trying" (I really need to!) save up for a car and build a savings account in general.... stay tuned to see how that goal progresses.

Now since I should probably get in bed so I can perhaps fall asleep at a reasonable time...

Sunday, January 3, 2010


I know it has been said a lot, but it is impossible to go into Target and come out with only the things you need. In college my roomate Lauren and I would go on random weekdays and just peruse the aisles in search of needless things. One random Saturday I went with Karin, and found Ferris Buellers Day Off, a great CD, a Doors shirt, and some wine- great day! It is just the best place in the world.

I went today with some returns and a small list of items to buy. I left $100 poorer, mainly becuase of impulse buys. Guess what the item de jour was this time.... soup. I left with 12 cups of soup. Awesome. I love soup. I am pumped!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ahh New Year, new adventures, new traditions...

My friend Sarah was talking to me about her desire to start a blog and told me I should start one too- we shall see how it goes. I am not sure what this blog will be about but I guess I will figure it out as I go. It might be a good way to keep up with my friends from other cities.

Anyway- Since I titled this New Years I might as well tell a little story from my New Years day. I guess I also could have titled this entry - When I have wine, I like hugs. We went to Steven's Dad's and after munching, chatting with his family and some of their friends, and watching some bowl games it was time to go. I had enjoyed some wine over the course of the afternoon and was in a great mood (although Steven told me later that his dad said I had "wine eyes"- great.) To make a long story short, I hugged people I don't know goodbye. Really Morgan, really?!?

Apparently 2010 is the year of the hug.